Sergio Monje

Beyond imagination

2016-2017, installation, website

All your desires can be fulfilled at last. Technology has made everything possible (and if it has not done it yet, it is just a matter of time), and now, also, it’s within your reach.

The last frontier has already been trespassed; technologies of synthetic image have finally overcome the barrier of hyperrealistic representation, turning dreams into reality. The culmination of the long process of human history in which image aspires to the substitution of reality –to make present what is absent, to make real what is fictitious– leads to the virtual and mixed reality technologies now in industrial development. In these, the suppression of the convention that separates the real from the fictitious (the frame, margin or visual limit) supposes the overflowing of images and its conquest over real space, with the consequent changes to our ability of comprehending reality.

Speaking with the voice of desire and power (that is, in the language and codes of the exquisite graphic design used by the big technological corporations), we are proposed an horizon of infinite personalization, where by means of mixed reality devices we can live the experience of reality as we want. Understood the human vision apparatus as an interface that allows us to apprehend reality (made up of the hardware of the ocular sensory apparatus and the neuronal software that decodifies its inputs), why shouldn’t we optimize it, or even, customize it?

The danger of technocratic delegation of mediation of reality (that is, the control and design of interfaces) to a hegemonic subject that operates for its own interest is more that evident.

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Arnau Giralt, Nofre Mora, Ricardo Trigo, Sira Pizà, and Sala d'Art Jove

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