Sergio Monje

La festa (im)possible

Understanding how Facebook transforms your life in profit in 5 minutes

2016, video-essay, 9' 17''

Guattari already anticipated in the nineties that mass media will produce serial subjectivities, in which latitudes are restricted, differences are neutralized, and passivity proliferates. To transfer this idea to the actual context carries the questioning of how and in which ways cognitive capitalism conditions our ways of thinking, feeling, or acting in the social space, through for example the application of behavioral patterns obtained with the processes of ‘data mining’, guided by the only objective of the axiom of economic profit.

Sergio Monje investigates the way in which capitalism conquers our imagination, our desires and our forms of relation through the administration of prefabricated subjectivities by means of the information and communication technologies.

Text by Christian Alonso for the exhibition Recomposicions Maquíniques, Can Felipa (Barcelona)

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Christian Alonso, María Ruido, Centre Cívic Can Felipa